Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse 0

While play tents are not that common, it is one of the most fun and enjoyable playthings that kids can get their hands on.

They can be used in a myriad of ways and children will get plenty of educational value out of it. Play tents encourage motor skill development and it helps kids sharpen their imagination as well.

This play tent by Truedays, the Kids Outdoor Fun Play Big Tent, is decked out in frisky colors and will surely inject tons of fun into children’s games and leisure times.


  • Pop-up portable play tent
  • Made from high-quality 190T polyester
  • Measures 47.2 x 47.2x 55 inches
  • Can accommodate up to 4 children
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Can be packed in polyester cloth bag
  • Has passed USA CPSA standards


The Kids Outdoor Fun Play Big Tent is the perfect tool for your kids to develop his physical and mental capacities. Like any playhouse, it makes your children active.

Play tents offer additions like tent tunnels to further engage the kids in brisk activities, thus, facilitating regular exercise. If assembled outdoors, this will help children get their daily dose of Vitamin D too.

It will also help children train their movements whenever they get inside and outside the tent. Tents like this one from Truedays provide a great area for other activities like building blocks or playing with puzzles.

Kids can perform these activities and games without the world from the outside hampering their focus. They can sit back and enjoy their time while developing their concentration and mental capacities.

It will also help progress children’s creative play and thinking. Let your kids’ imagination run wild; make up stories and pretend the tent is a castle, a wizard’s lair, a fun spacecraft, a time machine, or whatever they prefer the tent to be.

They can plan out adventures in the tent and by enabling creativity, it will contribute to the child’s overall speech and narrative capacities.

Users who loved the product said that the tent was moderately sized, light but sufficiently durable. It is portable and comes with its own storage bag for easier storage.

Assembling its roof was easy and it also includes stakes in case you want to position the tent outdoors. Another user added that its doorways had a 4-inch lip around so the balls will not roll out of it easily. For easier assembly, always refer to the accompanying instructor’s manual.


Users who were not satisfied with what they got said that the bigger screen mesh doorway does not have any Velcro option to secure it if required. However, one user said that he was relieved that it presented side ties.

Another said that the product was a bit more expensive than she would have liked, but since it has distinctive size and features, she bought the item.

One reviewer had a suggestion; a thicker material for the flooring of the item would have been good. Double-layering it would be a great feature as well, since the product is also outdoors-ready.

However, one user had a different opinion on the product’s integrity to be used outdoors. She said that the item was not ideal for weather conditions like rain and direct sunlight can make the tent very hot from the inside.


If you need a playhouse that is portable and can be used indoors, then the Kids Outdoor Fun Play Big Tent is right for you. It is portable so storage will not be too much of a problem and it will not take up so much space either, once it is folded up.

It comes in bright colors, which can be eye-catching for children and it is fairly sturdy and well-made, as a good number of users shared. Make your kids feel the joy of an active lifestyle by getting this product now.