Qualities of a Great Toddler Playhouse 0

Any parent who has a toddler knows that they are a handful to handle.  From the wonderful ones to the terrible twos and threes, these tiny little tots never fail to amuse us.

At the same time, they also never fail to tire us out. They are pretty much condensed little balls of pure energy that just seem to never run out.

They always need to be on the go and are constantly exploring and toddling or running, jumping, and climbing around, exhausting any parent or caregiver.

It cannot be avoided though, because at this stage in their life, play is very critical as it serves as their learning method to properly orient themselves to their environment and to develop their broadening variety of skills and cognitive abilities.

Without play, little kids just get bored and it may even pose learning difficulties and delays down the road.

That is why activity center’s, such as playhouses are a great tool for kids and parents because they keep the kids occupied enough so that parents can go about their daily tasks, and at the same time, they have the ability to address your toddlers’ need for play time.

However, with the wide array of choices available now both online and in physical stores, how do parents choose which qualities to look for when choosing the best toddler playhouse for their kids? Below are a few points to consider:

The best toddler playhouse stimulates your toddler’s imagination

This can come from a variety of features, such as realistic devices installed in the playhouse. Some playhouses have built in sinks, drawers, and fireplaces that your little ones can play with while inside.

Some of them have window shutters that open and shut, as well as doors with door knobs that twist so that your child can have the experience of opening their own kid-sized doors on their own.

Some other playhouses have additional features that make them more than just playhouses.

Some playhouses are designed to be customized and designed by the kids themselves. These playhouses usually come as blank cardboard boxes in the make of a house that kids can paint and color, or place stickers and other craft materials.

These types of playhouses are usually not built to last and are often for one-time use only, so these types would be set for occasions, such as birthday parties and the likes.

The best toddler playhouse has parent-friendly features too

These features can vary from playhouse to playhouse, depending also on what you will need. Most of the time, many playhouses will boast of easy assembly, taking only a few minutes and a few moves to set up, making it easy for you and your kid to enjoy playtime immediately.

Some playhouses can even be folded into a compact bag. These types of playhouses are usually made of fabric, and have reinforced plastic or metal poles that expand and support the structure.

These types make perfect traveling playhouses for kids of families who are always on the go. These are also perfect for families with limited floor space in their house, who cannot afford to spare a permanent place for a playhouse.

The best playhouse is durable and sturdy

There are even playhouses that can last for years and years and can be handed to your next batch of kids, if you plan on having any more. It all depends on how long you want your child to have his playhouse.

There may also be playhouses that are for single use, such as those mentioned above, that are really intended for special occasions or gatherings, such as play dates or parties.

These are usually made up of recyclable materials, such as cardboard. On the contrary, some heavy duty play houses are made with board, wood, or thick plastic. These, especially those that are made for outdoor use, are usually built to last for a long time.