Playhut Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Bucky Play Structure 0

There is never-ending action and adventure in Playhut’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates playhouse. If your little boys want something that is a bit different from the typical playhouse, then this might be something that is on their wish list.

Want your kids’ creativity challenged? Then you have to check out the benefits of a playhouse like this one.


  • Simple assembly, easy to pack
  • Has a pirate-inspired design
  • Features tunnel ports that link to additional Playhut structures
  • Includes hoop and basketball


Playhouses have been around for many years and they are pretty much deemed a classic like action figures and board games. Back then, our parents and grandparents passed the time and enjoyed games in their cardboard forts.

The Jake and Neverland Pirates play structure is something that gathers inspiration from an old favorite, but it has something new to offer as well.

For boys, the idea of being pirates is an exciting scenario; all that fighting with other pirates, the search for booty and other territories seems thrilling, thus, this particular playhouse model might be something that is right up their alley.

The product features graphics in bright, vivid colors. The minute the entire assembly is put together, it really catches the eye because of its huge cartoon images and the lively pirate ship design encasing its exteriors.

This will catch any kid’s interest and once they get to witness this and if they’re into the whole pirate fandom, then they will thoroughly enjoy this playhouse model.

It is actually based on the cartoon series entitled Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so if your kid is a huge fan of the series, this is going to be a great gift to give your kid on his or her birthday.

Apart from the product’s design, the entire ensemble also includes a basketball so children can shoot some hoops if they get tired of running around like Bucky, Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook.

The playhouse also includes port holes where it can connect to tunnels, which can in turn connect with other playhuts from the same company. Hence, this makes for an even more exciting toy since it can readily supplement other items.

Other than its beautiful design and great features, the product was a snap to put together and it was also easy to unfold and pack up.

It can be folded down into a compact size so storing it will not pose as a problem, since it will not take up plenty of space. It is lightweight so it is easy to relocate and move around.

In addition, it is reasonably-priced so the playhut is a great value selection if your kids need something that will stimulate their creativity.


Even though the product presented a number of positives, it does have its own share of setbacks. The playhut is a bit on the flimsy side and it can only be secured together with Velcro. And, because it is not weighed down, it can topple over easily.

As one user stated, the playhut falls down a lot and this can be a safety concern. The product does not have an interior floor as well, thus, it is more ideal for indoor use.


The Playhut’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates playhouse is one of the lightest kinds of playhouse around. Just like its tent counterpart, it is made from durable material and can be assembled and collapsed easily because of the company’s Twist and Fold technology.

If you are concerned about storage space, you will not have to worry about it because it folds into the smallest size. It enhances creativity and facilitates an active lifestyle so it is a purchase that is worth it.

This is also highly recommended for fans of the Jake and the Neverland Pirates movies. Make this into a gift purchase for your children, nephews, nieces or godchildren and they will love you more for your gesture.