Playhouse Plan Ideas 0

If you are a parent who has ample time on your hands, a good set of skills in crafting and carpentry, as well as a few trusty tools in your garage, you might be considering a DIY playhouse to keep your kids occupied while you have a good afternoon break.

A playhouse is just exactly as its name implies –a house for play. It is usually built to the size of little kids, anywhere from toddlerhood to school age. It is the avenue for all those fun hours with friends, exploring, hosting club meetings, story-telling, coloring, and playing pretend.

Fortunately, there are a lot of simple kids playhouse plan ideas to help you out in choosing which design is best for your little one’s personality. Below are a few popular choices:

Princess playhouse

This seems to be every little girl’s dream playhouse to bring out the little princess in them. It is designed in lovely pastels (usually pink) and may be adorned with shiny crystals to mimic a princess tiara.

All of your lovely little princess’ royal guests and subjects will be most welcome in her little castle playhouse. Even the boys can enjoys a good game of dragon fighting and saving the princess with such a playhouse.

The fort

A playhouse, only higher, the fort gives your kid a magnificent view of the rest of the yard and makes play a bit more exciting.

They can play lookout since at the added height, it will be easier to spot oncoming enemies and shoot them down. They can also play star-ship since the platform base combined with the enclosure will easily give them the illusion of take-off.

Palette playhouse

Made from recycled material, your neighbors will never guess that your kids’ colorful new playhouse was once a forklift platform. The possibilities are endless with this type of playhouse as they can customize to their own liking and existing materials on hand.

The palette playhouse is the economical way to go since it costs next to nothing, especially if you have a lot of old material on hand, and at the same time, it is also built to last for years to come.

This playhouse is somewhat a cross between playhouse and tree house as it may be built around a tree. You can even opt out of the roof so that your kids can enjoy the view of the sky through the leaves of your old backyard tree.

Just make sure to install rails that are high enough to keep the kids from falling off as they run around. The platform playhouse is perfect for little adventurers who like running up and down and playing pirates.

Playhouse with swing

The concept is quite simple. It is a playhouse with a swing, and a swing is a great bonus for any kid. Something about being suspended and in motion that kids just can’t help but love makes this playhouse one of among the favorites.

It will take a bit of extra carpentry, but the finished product, as well as the look on your little ones’ faces as they swing to and fro with pure glee will be oh so worth it.

Playground playhouse

The ultimate. The real deal. The happiest of all happy meals. This playhouse comes equipped with not only swings but also a slide, climbing nets, and a monkey bar.

You can be sure that the kids will indeed be playing in this playhouse because there is a lot going on for everyone, and all they have to do is to choose between activities.

If the swing house asked for some carpentry, this playhouse will demand excellence. Make sure to consult an expert or seek help from a friend.

Teeny weeny playhouse

Such a charming addition to your garden or your lawn. This playhouse is perfect for tiny little ones. It is also an affordable alternative to the larger ones since it can be made with just one sheet of plywood.

Yes, that is how tiny it is. Your little person will surely have a big heart for this playhouse.


The rustic charm of a teepee is always a welcome sight on any lawn. It is perfect for camp-outs and little bonfires with hot and sticky smores on a stick. It is easy to build too.