Out of the Box Playhouse Ideas 0

If you have recently purchased a large appliance and have already placed it in its appropriated spot in the house, you might be left with a big cardboard box that you most likely would not know what else to do with but to throw away.

Before you reach the dumpster, this huge cardboard box might just be worth salvaging, especially if you have kids.

Cardboard box playhouses have been a classic favorite ever since the dawn of imagination. There is just something about pretend play and cramped spaces that little kids can’t help but love.

So, before you throw that big box out, why not try your hand at a DIY cardboard box playhouse and give the kids something to enjoy for the coming days or weeks.

Below are the steps to undertake:

1. Gather your cardboard

This is fairly easy since you already have that humongous brown box lying around your living room floor. If you do not have a huge box, but still wish to make a cardboard box playhouse, you can source some from your office, your garage, the recycler’s, other businesses, or even from junk.

Just make sure that the boxes you pick are clean and dry since wet or tainted boxes won’t stand (or smell) very well. From little boxes, you can cut them out to come up with one giant box that is just as big as you want it to be.

2. Gather other materials

These include a sharp box cutter, lots of tape, some hot glue, and paint. The cutters will make sure that you get the right shapes and sizes to fit into each other.

Cutters also give your box a cleaner cut as opposed to scissors, which might prove harder and might even strain your hand. Tapes will hold the edges together.

If you do not want visible tape all over your masterpiece, hot glue can work just like magic. After all has been said and done by the rest of the materials, the paint will be your finishing touch, and will be the one to dictate what kind or theme of playhouse you will be making.

3. Cut out the bottom flaps

You will have four loose flaps on hand that you can save for later use. Another option is to leave them in and secure them with tapes or glue so that your playhouse can have some warm flooring.

You will not need this if you will be using the playhouse outdoors and will be bringing shoes inside, as this may only cause the playhouse to collapse prematurely. The choice really is up to you.

4. Form the roof

Draw and cut four perpendicular trapezes on the top flaps that fit into each other to form a raised roof.

Whether you want a very high and pointy roof or a curved and mellow one, you will be the one to decide. This decision is purely aesthetic, so go where you think you’d like your design to go.

5. Cut out windows and a door

Whether it is square, circle, or arched windows and doors, it is all up to you. Just make sure to not totally cut them out, so that you leave in flaps that open and shut.

This makes your playhouse a bit more interactive and realistic. Your kids will surely love opening and closing their mini door and window as they go in and out.

6. Let your imagination run wild!

You can let your child pick a color and assist in painting his very own playhouse, depending on how old he is. Just make sure to use non toxic paint if your child will be assisting you.

Another alternative to this is to use watercolor, crayons, colorful markers, and stickers to decorate your playhouse. This alone will prove to be a delightful activity for the kids and they will get to enjoy their own playhouse even before it is finished.

It now depends on what theme you would like your playhouse to be. Will it be a pretty pink princess castle, or a creepy haunted house, or a hunter’s log cabin? The possibilities are simply endless.