Maintaining an Outdoor Playhouse 0

An outdoor playhouse purchase might prove to be an overwhelming task because of the bountiful availability of options, but doing maintenance procedures is another story.

Of course, this area requires regular maintenance and clean-ups. You will get a general idea of its maintenance procedures by way of instruction manuals and you can also refer to playhouse blueprints for more maintenance suggestions.

Since playhouses are located outdoors, they are laid open to the elements. Bad weather conditions can cause harm on its materials, especially if the playhouse is of subpar quality.

Thus, in order to make those play areas safe until your kids outgrow them, you have to exert some effort every now and then. For the meantime, here are more maintenance tips.

Important Things to Consider

Installing a playhouse means locating it in a place that will guarantee its stability and excellent hold.

Extended use of the area will lead the playhouse losing its stability thus you have to make sure that you will install it in a spot with a level surface. That way, the house’s components will not cave in to pressure and collapse.

Inspect the playhouse well, if it has not been used for a long time or after a storm or heavy rain. Make sure to examine the windows and the roof’s integrity.

Lost shingles should be replaced while damaged ones should be repaired correctly. The doors and windows should also be inspected for water damage. Following repairs, it is best that you have the doors and windows caulked properly to ensure safety.

Metal components of the playhouse should be inspected for signs of chipping and corrosion. It is better to sand off corroded or rusty parts before it can bring about harm, then repaint the mended parts with a non-lead paint.

Any crooked parts or sharp edges should be repaired or replaced so children can use the playhouse again without injuring themselves.

Meanwhile, parts that are made from plastic or cardboard should be safeguarded from intense heat as much as possible. If you can, place a specific type of fabric on those parts to shield it from ultraviolet rays and rainfall whenever the playhouse is not used.

If in case the playhouse comes with a swing set or slides, examine them as well to guarantee that they are not damaged. You can also keep the detachable parts like the swing’s seats inside the house to shield them from weather extremes.

Wooden playhouses should be inspected monthly and parents should check vulnerable parts like doors, roofs, the deck and support components inside the playhouse to guarantee the playhouse’s stability.

Inspect wooden parts of the playhouse for damage and decay. Rough or sharp edges should be sanded and splinters should be removed. For more protection, make use of sealants to shield the wood from constant weather shifts.

Playhouses located indoors also need regular tending. Inspect the house’s plastic components, fabrics and nylon parts for signs of wear and tear frequently.

The fabrics should be washed regularly, while the house’s support assembly must be examined too; indoor models are often designed to be portable, hence they are composed of movable components which can get broken easily.


Following these maintenance suggestions will ensure that your playhouse will be in tip-top condition. Regular tending will make them last for a longer time and will guarantee plenty of enjoyable fun for your kids and their friends.

If, for example, you have bought a playhouse with defective parts, do not let your kids play in it for the meantime. Contact the retailer or the manufacturer regarding replacements parts, spare components or repair services, based on the product’s warranty specifications.

The perfect outdoor playhouse, with proper maintenance, will provide days and days of good times with your kids. To score a good deal, refer to playhouse blueprints, go over reviews and once you made that purchase, give your word that you are going to take care of it on a regular basis.