Little Tikes Cape Cottage, Red 0

Little Tikes are known for their nice line of children’s toys and this time around, we are going to review their Cape Cottage playhouse. The company’s playhouses are designed with a good number of features which will make playtime more fun and enjoyable for children, their friends, and families.

They are quality products, made to last and they guarantee safe, durable components that will prove to be an excellent addition in your backyard.


  • Contemporary style made to look like a real home
  • Features 2 working doors
  • Features 2 working windows with shutters
  • Features mail slot
  • Features flag holder
  • Lightweight and easy to relocate
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors


The Cape Cottage by Little Tikes comes in red, black and tan colors and it packs plenty of style. It has faithful renderings of features found in a real home like working doors and window shutters, an arched doorway, brick detailing and even a mail slot.

Because of these realistic features, this will inspire kids to spark their imaginations and let them run free. They can have their friends over and bring their favorite toys with them as well.

Assembling the house was a simple process. The walls can be slotted within each other and you can position them by means of big, plastic strews, which you can tighten by means of a special device.

The roof was a no-brainer either since the roof panels can be slotted together in the middle of the playhouse and secured with screws on the top of the walls.

There are some grey caps in the house which glide over the red parts of the wall and overhang throughout the roof—they are meant to lock the roof in its position and provide stability and an even appearance.

Fixing the flag holders was a different story though, since you have to use a screwdriver for it. The rest of the parts like the doors and the window shutters can be slotted into their assigned holes.

The playhouse also comes with a sheet of stickers for a more authentic feel; there are stickers for the house’s number, the letter box, door handle and glass for the windows.

Sticking them to their assigned areas is an easy feat, but they are very sticky, thus, you have to be certain that the stickers are lined correctly before smoothing them out.

Users who loved the playhouse raved that the product has exceptional quality; it is indeed sturdy and very rigid. They also loved that the detailing was meticulous, especially on such parts like the brick walls and the roof tiles.

The stickers that were provided also gave plenty of realism to the whole structure. In addition, the whole setup was easy to construct and it was affordable too, compared to other playhouse models.

Most parents who have bought the product were also pleased over its ample size.


There were a few people who were not happy with some parts of the playhouse though. One said that the doors were flimsy and she was not sure whether the whole playhouse will stand the test of time.

Another user complained that the stickers were a bit difficult to put on and you have to be very careful that you have laid them out correctly or else you will have trouble pulling them out.


Little Tikes often highlight that imaginative play will further children’s development and creativity. The structure of the house, its features and appearance will engage kids into hours of creative fun.

They can play games inside and create ideas for pretend play, tend the house, and entertain their friends. Ideas for games and recreational activity are endless with the Little Tikes Cape Cottage.

Want a helpful tool that will appease your kids’ boredom and at the same time, enhance their imagination and engage them in active pursuits? Then you have to check this product out and turn this into an investment, because it is a worthy purchase.