Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse 0

Playhouses are a big thing for kids these days. So big, in fact, that some parents have trouble storing them if not in use.

If you are an apartment owner parent and do not have a yard or enough floor space to permanently place a big and heavy playhouse, the Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse may just be the right playhouse for you.

Your kid will have loads of fun with this playhouse, and then after they’re done, you can just fold it up and store it in your cabinet.


  • Performance and quality tested
  • Can be folded completely flat after every use, comes with a carry case
  • 54 inches tall when assembled
  • Big enough to fit two or more children
  • Has a flap front door and two mesh windows
  • Fun and educational for all ages


The Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse is definitely built to withstand hours and hours of play at a time. Its sturdy materials are all quality and performance tested so that you can be assured that this playhouse will stand the test of time, and that your kid can enjoy it for a long time.

What is unique about the Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse is that it is actually foldable, so that after use, you can easily fold it into a compact and flat sheet that can be fitted into its own carry case.

This way, you won’t need to worry about storage space when considering the Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse. This is very helpful for apartment owners or condo owners who do not have a lot of space to accommodate a large wooden or plastic playhouse that uses up a lot of space, even when not in use.

This is also useful for small house owners who have limited or no yard space at all.

Its carry case also means that you can not only store it in tight spaces, but also carry it around with you to parties, events, play dates, and school activities.

It is very easy to assemble, and when it does stand, it is a good 54 inches tall, which is just right for growing little kids. It is also spacious enough to fit more than two little pirates inside, allowing for playmates to come and join in, making the pretend play a lot more fun and stimulating.

To make it more interactive and more realistic, the Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse has a flap door that the kids can open and shut as they come in and out and can be rolled up or down as they please, as well as two mesh windows to allow for air to come in as they play hide or hold a pirates’ private meeting inside.

The Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse is totally fun and educational, and can be fitting for all ages. Even parents can join in the pirate cove and experience the fun too.

It can be a great venue for storytelling, colouring, playing hide and seek, playing pretend pirates, as a club house, and so much more. The possibilities are just as limitless as you and your kid’s imagination.


One user remarked that the tent is really neat, however, he also said that is was somewhat poorly made.

The fabric appeared to have holes and tears in it, even upon arrival, since the fabric was accordingly not reinforced or strong enough to withstand the pressure of the poles that stick into little pouches at the corners of the base, and as an effect, the poles just stuck right through the fabric themselves.

Despite the tent’s wonderful appearance, as well as how much the kids loved it, it can accordingly not be expected to last for more than just a few months with constant use.


If you are a small apartment or a condo owner, or simply a space-saving house owner who does not have enough room or yard space to spare for a permanent plastic or wooded playhouse, but still would want your kid to enjoy the fun and excitement that can only be brought by a proper playhouse, the Kidoozie Pirate Den Playhouse is the perfect playhouse for you.

It is made of fabric which is very foldable and perfect for stowing anytime and in any place, and even comes with its own carry case.

You can bring it around with you on play dates and parties to add to more fun and excitement. You can even bring it for school plays and other school events so that your child can share the fun with more of his friends.