KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse 0

If you have adventurous little kids who love to play outside in the yard, you might have thought about buying them a play house –one that would fit just right in the middle of your grassy yard, or somewhere beneath the shade of your old family’s tree.

The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse would be the right choice for this. Specifically built for outdoor use, the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse can complete your outside playground so that your kids can enjoy hours of play time with their imaginations set wild.


  • Moveable doors and windows that open and close
  • Big and spacious for multiple kids
  • Weather-resistant wood material
  • Comes with detailed and step-by-step assembly instruction manual


The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse is surely realistic enough for kids to enjoy, with its moveable doors and windows that open and shut. This makes play time in the fun house more exciting and interactive for kids since they develop motor skills and spatial recognition while at play.

This feature can give them a more realistic experience while at play. Younger kids can learn the purpose and movements of door knobs, doors, and window shutters through these simple but very educational mechanisms.

The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse is big enough to fit a handful of kids so a little play group can share it without much fuss. And, since the more playmates there are involved, the more fun it gets, your kids can enjoy play time with their buddies for hours on end.

Little girls can host tea parties, little boys can play cops and robbers, and parents can even join in for some story time as they all wind down for the day.

The space is definitely a big plus for the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse. Wider space means a wider opportunity for imaginative play, and a wider range of age groups to accommodate.

The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse is your go-to outdoor playhouse because it is made of weather-resistant wood siding and a very durable plastic roof that not only makes the playhouse look authentic but it also protects it from weather changes, especially since you will be somewhat permanently placing it out in your yard, or your patio as the play house does not come with a floor.

The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse also comes fully accessorized with a flagged mailbox to greet visitors at the entrance with its movable front door.

Its two windows, one on each side, swing open and shut for a more authentic play house experience, while a back window comes with a fabric curtain to pull aside for more variety.

It also has a toy sink in one of the corners that comes complete with hot and cold handles for a more realistic experience.

The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse is delivered and packaged with a step-by-step detailed guide on how to properly assemble it. Since it may come with many parts and is built to last, and is made of durable and heavy material, it should take around two adults, two to four hours, to assemble this play house.

Nevertheless, those two to four hours of assembly is all worth it in the end because your child will probably be enjoying the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse for years to come since you can really rely on its durability and the quality of the materials.

Sturdy and resilient enough to be kept outdoors permanently and, at the same time, beautiful enough to be a charming addition to your garden view.

Nothing would beat cosy weekend afternoons spent having a snack in your back yard, admiring your colorful garden, your lush green lawn, and the sight of your kids merrily playing in their KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse.


The KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse needs two healthy adults to assemble and takes about two to four hours to put up. One reviewer even hilariously elaborates the difficulties in putting up, what he calls, the “beast” since it had screws that only a contortionist would be able to do.

Despite that, after accordingly taking two people five hours to assemble the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse, it was well-loved by the owners’ child as well as all of the neighbours’ kids that happened to visit.


If you do feel that an outdoor playhouse is what is best for your child’s play needs, and you are looking for one that will last a lifetime, the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse is the best choice for you.

It is definitely durable, reasonably weather-proof, entertaining and interactive enough, and is quite good to look at as an addition to your patio or yard.