Expresso Café 7ft Play House Playtent 0

If your kid has shown interest in being a businessperson someday or wants to own a restaurant or coffee shop, then the Expresso Café Playtentmight be an ideal vehicle for your child to practice and pursue his dreams.

This is no ordinary playhouse or playtent, this is a café that will engage your kids in hours of creative, fun and enjoyable pretend play. Let their imaginations run wild as they concoct their own coffee beverages and entertain guests and customers in this roomy, 7-ft tall playtent.


  • Stands tall at 7-ft.
  • Features a patio with an awning
  • Includes shock-corded PVC poles
  • Includes roll-up door
  • Includes roll-up window
  • Includes carrying case for easier storage
  • Flame resistant fabric (CPIA-84-approved)


The Expresso Café Playtent is unique in the sense that it is not designed to be a house but a coffee shop, which singles it out from the rest of the playhouses being sold today.

If in case your kids do not want a typical playhouse and want to try out more avenues to apply their pretend games, this product will surely fire up their imaginations.

The item is a great device in which children can enhance their mental and physical abilities.

The former refers to their imagination and creativity; with a playtent on hand, kids can go about making up stories and the ways that they can turn the playtent, their personal territory, into a pirate ship, a magician’s den or a school for wizards.

As for improving their physical abilities, kids can do this by way of a playtent. Pretend play requires participants to be active and there will be plenty of running, crawling and jumping about, especially if the tent was supplemented with tent tunnels or is located in an area near a backyard playground.

Since the product was made to be a café or coffee shop, children will pretend to go about making coffee, creating their very own coffee concoctions while entertaining their customers. This will hone their public relations skills and even strengthen their minds and ability to get along with others.

At the end of the day, the playtent can turn into a normal house where the owner can get to clean and tend to his or her café then retire for a good night’s sleep.

The product is very tall—7-tall, making it one of the tallest playtents to date. It has a door with a roll-up window and a big mesh rear window to let fresh air in.

It has a play patio area in front with an awning so children can place tables and chairs under it. The awning is a good idea because it can help shield kids from the sun during the day’s hottest hours and it will protect them from slight drizzle as well.

The tent and its accompanying carrier case is made from strong polyester material and it has shock-corded poles for an easier assembly. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


The product is not suitable for kids under 3 years of age. Several users also said the company claims that the product is flame-resistant (it meets the CPIA-84 standards), but is not fireproof.

Other users who did not like the product added that the item did not have any roll-out brick mats in the front.

According to one reviewer, she was disappointed that the product was not able to withstand rain or a little wind. She also added that having it indoors was great, but its 7-ft stature might be problematic for houses with less space available.


The Expresso Café Playtent is for the kid who has other things to do other than tend house—it is a great means to teach children the tenets of responsibility.

Because of its bigger size, it is a perfect tent to put up on laidback, sunny days. You and your kid can have your lunch or snacks outside and just listen to the birds and sounds around the neighborhood.

It can be an active place and it can also turn into a place where children can unwind.