DIY Playhouse Ideas 0

Playhouses are a great way for your kids to have fun and, at the same time, stimulate their imagination. It is also a good indoor play idea that does not involve rough play while keeping you little ones busy and physically active.

Unfortunately, not many of us have enough resources to give our little kids the expensive and colorful playhouses commonly advertised on TV.

It may pain you to watch your child beg for his or her own playhouse, only to find that you cannot give in to their requests because of other financial priorities.

You need not stay in dismay though because DIY playhouses can always be put up without any cost at all, as long as you have your imagination running.

DIY playhouses are just as fun, if not more fun, and you can even customize those using materials that you already have or store-bought school items that are on sale.

Below are a few ideas that you can implement:

Cardboard playhouse

If you recently bought a large appliance, say a refrigerator or a washing machine or dryer, then you now have the ultimate base for a playhouse.

All you have to do is to cut up and shape the roof, cut out windows, and carve a door, and then voila! You have your instant coloring playhouse smack in the middle of your own living room.

What’s more is that it is now more than just a playhouse. It is also an art center where your kids can paint, color, and create their own play house according to their list of favorite objects and colors.

A cardboard playhouse can typically last a few days up to a few weeks, depending on how frequently it is used or how rough your kids play. The ultimate catch with a cardboard box playhouse is that it is 100% free, unless you accessorize it with store-bought items.

This type of DIY playhouse is both very resourceful and very creative, and both you and your child can enjoy it. Enjoy hours and hours of fun coloring and decorating your very own cardboard box playhouse.

Pallet playhouse

A DIY pallet playhouse is one of those DIY projects that requires more time and a bit more existing resources from you, such as tools, boards, and paint.

If you do have these materials on hand, like in a shed of unused wood, you can definitely start on your own pallet playhouse. It is economical if you already have the existing tools and materials, and it will last your child’s lifetime if built correctly and if used with care.

A pallet playhouse is one that is best placed outside as it may come a bit bulky and since its materials will be durable enough to be weather-resistant.

If you have an outdoorsy kid who loves playing house, a pallet playhouse will be the perfect clubhouse for your child and his or her friends, if you build it large enough for a handful of kids.

A pallet playhouse can be such a charming addition to a garden or a simple grassy lawn. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade on a lazy afternoon while you watch the kids have fun.

Blanket playhouse

If you and your kids are into more spontaneous play, a blanket playhouse may be more your thing. All you have to do is pile up the pillows and pull over some sheets and then you have your bedroom playhouse!

Costing nothing at all, a blanket playhouse can provide hours and hours of bedtime fun that is perfect for sleepovers or even just for regular bedtimes.

Perfect for storytelling or pretend camping, a blanket playhouse needs nothing more than a good story and maybe a flashlight to complete the night.

Not having a store-bought playhouse is not an excuse to not have fun with your kids. Besides, children’s imaginations have a lot of potential if stimulated properly, so a DIY playhouse can do just as well as any playhouse for them to have fun.

With these ideas, you can now have an instant playhouse of your own without having to shell out a dime.