Building a DIY Pallet Playhouse 0

Pallets are a great and economical resource for those who are looking to build structures, such as sheds and dog houses without spending a lot.

Coincidently, pallets are also a great material for building playhouses that are built to really last and withstand constant use.

If you have kids, some time on your hands, a bunch of unused pallets, and a few garage carpentry skills, then a pallet playhouse would be a great project for you and the kids, if they are old enough to help out.

Below are some of the general steps you can undertake in order to build your little adventurers the playhouse of their dreams:

Step 1: Design your house

Every great house starts off as a design on a piece of paper. Get down to your drawing board and discuss with the kids what they like to have in their playhouse, including what colors they like.

It can be a porch, the right number of windows, flower pot shelves, a chimney, built in apparatuses, such as sinks and fireplaces, and a lot more.

The possibilities are infinite. Of course, you might not have enough time, resources, skills, or patience to include everything they specify, but at least you have an idea of what they like.

Step 2: Gather the pallets as well as all the other materials you will need

A pallet still needs to be deconstructed though. It you don’t have any idea as to what exactly it is, a pallet is one of those wooden bases that usually come with cargo and serves as a base for a forklift to transfer multiple objects.

They compose of a bunch of flat wood that so happens to be just the perfect size to make small structures, such as playhouses.

You will need some time and some muscle in deconstructing these as you will need plenty of those individual boards to create your playhouse.

Step 3: Base and frame

As in any house or building structure, you will need a steady base and a sturdy frame to support your pallet playhouse. You can achieve these by gathering the thick parts of the palette and constructing them to form the base and frame of the house.

Make sure to consult a book or a friend with some know-how when doing these parts as they serve as the foundation of the playhouse and it is important to get it right the first time around.

You would not want to waste precious time and energy putting it up, only to take it back down if the structure does not work out. It is in this step that you can begin installing the window frames and door frame so that you do not end up covering the entire structure with the pallet pieces.

Step 4: Fill in the pallets

This is the exciting part of the building process since this is when you get to see the actual playhouse forming. Structure the pallets one by one against each other to form one whole solid board, just like a puzzle. Make sure to leave out the windows and door.

Step 5: Attach doors and window shutters

Movable hinges are best when considering doors and windows that open and shut. This is a plus factor for kids since they enjoy having real-world experience incorporated into their play.

In this step, you may also install all the other accessories that you have prepared for your playhouse, such as the sinks and the built-in fireplace or play furnace.

Step 6: Paint your playhouse

Now for the fun part. Even your smaller kids can take part in this. Just make sure to use non-toxic paints when coloring your playhouse.

You and your kids can have all the freedom to choose which color scheme they would like their playhouse to have. You can give them their own brush and watch as they begin to have fun with their playhouse just right before it is finished.

After all the steps have been taken, you and your kids can sit back, have a snack or a rest, and wait for the paint to dry before finally enjoying their playhouse. You can even add furniture inside!