Reasons to Build the Best Wooden Playhouse for Your Kid 0

Far from being a futile activity, playing is essential to children, especially in these difficult times when they can feel the anxiety of adults. Playing for kids is a way to help them express emotions, build their imagination, explore the world and learn to think. Parents are encouraged to experience “playful parenting” with their kids to create moments of shared pleasure, foster relationships, build self-confidence, ease tensions and help them overcome difficult times.

Why look for playhouses? What’s more trivial and more ordinary than a shack? The choice of wooden playhouses is almost endless in this day and age. It does not matter if you are looking for a small or standard size, there will be something for you. If what you are looking for is not readily available, you can build one yourself. But that’s a story for another day. How you decide to get a playhouse is non-consequential because once the structure is assembled you will need to do some finishing if only for wood preservation. Why in the first place would you want to set up a playhouse for your kids? Let’s get on with that.

Unless you’re from an as yet unknown cyborg race created in a lab, you’ve been a kid and you know how boring an area can get once you have explored everything you possibly can. The garden is just the same, it’s fairly boring. As a parent that’s not the case because you have all this outside space, you want to explore. Kids must be kids, though, so you need to give them a place to call their own. Let me give you a few reasons why you need to set up a wooden playhouse for your kids in the garden.

To Beautify Your Garden

Let’s start with aesthetics. You know as well as I do that sprucing up your garden can get hectic, more like a chore. But with a beautifully designed wooden playhouse sitting in your garden painted to complement the colors in your garden, you will be spending a lot of time there basking in the summer sunshine and sipping in the fresh air. If you want to go for something that is more colorful I will suggest you use an opaque wood finish. The market is spewing with different kinds but you will want a finish that is both ‘treatment and finish’ to provide perfect protection and which can be applied in just about two coats with little to no need for maintenance.

Get Your Kids Playing in the Daytime Light

This point is fairly obvious I must say. Getting kids to go outside and play these days seems like such a task. What with the television, computer games, and movies that keep them quite busy. But fresh air and sunshine are important for their growth and having a playhouse in the garden gives them someplace they can get excited to go play in. If you need them to get out and into their playhouse make them see it as their own personal space away from home: a place where you can keep an eye on them while they don’t feel like they are on a leash.

Rain or Shine – Weather is Not a Problem

It’s true that parents don’t want their kids running outside in the rain, but as a kid, I remember doing just that. And many times too. Well, if you design the wooden playhouse while paying attention to every minor detail then the kids can use it as a hideout playground during bad weather without feeling overwhelmed or as if they are missing out on a lot of fun because of the rain. You need to decorate the playhouse in such a way that it can be fun for the kids in any weather.

The only limit to decorating a playhouse is your imagination. The wooden playhouses are the best option for kids but you best begin by preparing your surfaces. The edges can still be rough and these are real splinter risks. Use sand paper to smoothen out any rough edges, fill up any cracks or holes and clean the surface of the wood with a quality wood cleaner to prevent any form of contamination, grease or dirt. You can paint your wooden playhouse but for a brand new wooden playhouse, you can apply seasonite to protect it for some 6 to 12 months before applying your chosen finish. If you are looking to create a natural look for your kid’s wooden playhouse and to preserve the wood you can use Textrol penetrating wood oil by Owatrol. It penetrates the wood to protect it from UV rays, moisture and enhance its natural look with minimal maintenance.

If you decide to use Textrol make sure to apply the second coat while the first is still fresh. You keep up with the application process until the wood is completely saturated and can take no more. Textrol comes in about 6 colors and doesn’t form a film. i.e. it will neither peel, crack nor flake. Of course, there are other water-based finishes you can use to give the wood a finish au naturel.

A Wooden Playhouse is Customizable

You can choose to customize the playhouse into a mini-chateau for the kids or a garden attic. Scratch that last part. You can make it a storage space. Too many stories have ghosts and attics pegged side by side; we don’t want that. So, as I was saying, you can customize the wooden playhouse into a hobbit house, castle, boat or ship, anything really. It just depends on the period your kid is going through. If they don’t play in it very often, you can turn it into a storage space for garden material or kids’ toys.

A wooden playhouse is one of the ways you can provide your children with a safe environment to play and explore while you keep an eye on them. There is a variety of wooden playhouse designs to choose from, and just for kicks, you can sell the playhouse when your kids have outgrown it. Building a playhouse can be a fun adventure and great memory to keep. Try to get the entire household involved in this adventure for a swell time.