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With advice and discussion ranging from what actually makes a great playhouse to tips and advice on actually building your own, we’ve got you covered!

The concept of PlayhouseGuru emerged after my 3 year old decided she desperately wanted a big outdoor playhouse, despite being afraid to play with the one in her cousins back yard without a friend/adult.

After searching for advice on whether or not all kids would just ‘get on’ and just play with an outdoor playhouse, and researching some of the prices online, (ouch!) – I wanted to be sure she would actually use it if she had one!

We decided to build pillow forts in the house for the next few weekends, she loved it! We got her involved in building them and she gradually became more confident playing with her cousins playhouse, even on her own!

Needless to say, (and it seems ridiculous to word it like this) the investment made much more sense once we knew she would happily make use of her new playhouse.

Hopefully we can answer any and all of the questions you have when it comes to your kids playhouse!

Kind regards

The PlayhouseGuru Team