A Convenient Guide to Outdoor Playhouses

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The outdoor playhouse is a great means to provide fun and excitement to kids of all ages. These versatile play areas often come in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors. They can come in either wood or plastic material, while some models are suitable for toddlers and some will complement older kids more.

In order to get great outdoor playhouse kits, you have to first select your preferred size and choose the safety features which are most crucial for you. Read the rest of the guide to know more about outdoor playhouses.

Kinds of Outdoor Playhouses

The outdoor playhouse provides plenty of practical play areas for kids in your own backyard. Parents can handle the security and safety of the surroundings which lets older kids play their games unattended, instead of requiring parental control all the time.

It also offers a spot where kids can have their exercise on a daily basis. Plenty of entertainment for kids lean towards an inactive lifestyle, thus, playhouses can actually encourage children to move and be energetic.

When it comes to playhouse size, remember that one size will not fit everybody. It is crucial to consider the number of children who are going to use the house, the type of playground tackle that they are into and their ages.

Playhouses often come with several add-ons and accessories which gives parents the freedom to construct their kids’ dream playhouse.

Plastic outdoor playhouse

Playhouses made from plastic come in an array of bright, attractive colors to stimulate children’s minds to kick up their heels and play to their hearts’ content. Plastics made for these houses are typically hard-wearing and sturdy so they will last for a long time.

Plastic outdoor types are usually smaller though, so they can only accommodate a few kids. They are built for outdoor use, thus, they are significantly durable, however, make sure that the playhouse kit you are going to get is made from durable plastic materials that can withstand the elements.

Another great advantage of the plastic kind is that they are easy to move around and they are lighter than their wooden equivalent. UV-resistant plastic houses are even capable of maintaining their vivid colors which makes them extra attractive.

Wooden outdoor playhouse

Wooden playhouses come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and finishes. Parents can select any color or style that they prefer in order to let the house complement their backyard or garden layout or let their kids take over with their own suggestions.

Wooden types are dip-treated prior to being delivered. This kind of treatment is applied to safeguard the playhouse’s timber while it is in storage.

The minute the house is delivered, it can be given finishes or stains in any color the owners want. Once the kids grow older and their personal preferences change, they can always replace the existing color scheme with a new one.

A wooden playhouse that is given appropriate maintenance is hard-wearing, strong and is quite capable of handling pressure, knocks and normal goings-on of children’s play. Damage that can take place on any wooden parts can be easily repaired or replaced.

Usually there are strict regulations for wooden playhouses that manufacturers often follow; for example, the wooden kind should be composed of smooth wood that is free from splinters to avoid injury and harm on children.


Treehouses are one of the most common playhouses available. In fact, if parents love DIY-ing, they can make one in their own backyard for their kids. A number of factory-made treehouses include stands and other sorts of accessories to make trees work out well with a pre-made layout.

Treehouses will suit older kids, since younger children might have issues with its accompanying ladder entrance. There are also stair entryways being sold, but this additional factor can increase the rates of an outdoor playhouse kit immensely.

Play set with playhouse

Now this is a complete playground set for the outdoors which might also take in a bigger playhouse kit. These play sets include all equipment a kid loves like swings, slides and other play area implement which is connected to the house.

These bigger sets are ideal for kids of all ages, their friends and families. These sets are usually made from high-quality wooden material though.

Indoor playhouse

Indoor playhouses will usually fit houses with bigger space available. One indoor kind is the tent playhouse, which is affordable and will suit children of all ages and sexes.

It also comes in a variety of styles from castle-type playhouses to one with tunnels that kids can scuttle through. A tent playhouse can be positioned in outdoor areas as well, since they can be put up and collapsed with minimal effort.

Toddler outdoor playhouse

The toddler playhouse does not come with items that one will usually see on a typical playhouse like toys and climbing tools.

This kind of playhouse is made from strong plastic with rounded, smooth edges for safety and prevent harm from happening, if ever the toddler trips or falls down while at play. The house usually includes additional accessories that are age-appropriate to avoid choking risks.

Outdoor Playhouse Safety Measures

When children need an area to play outdoors, a playground or playhouse is a good means to keep them excited and active. There are simple DIY blueprints for playhouses that even greenhorns can follow and even simpler playhouse kits that can be built with minimal effort required.

However, keep in mind that you should place safety on top of your priorities at all times. Home playgrounds can put kids at risk and it is up to parents to mind safety precautions for the good of their children.

The following are tips and considerations that every parent should heed in order to make the backyard a safer, happier place.

Select an area

The area you select for the playhouse or playground is crucial to its success. It is essential to have a decent view of the backyard from your house’s window if you are obligated to supervise your kids from inside the house once in a while.

It is also crucial to have a decent audible range of the backyard so you are capable of hearing the children at play. Lastly, make sure that you build or install the playhouse or set at a level ground to ensure its stability.

Selecting the playhouse or equipment

The playhouse and additional playground equipment you mount in the backyard will be based on the age or ages of the children who are going to use it. It might sound a bit tempting to go all the way and put all of the gear that your kids want, but to be safe, it is recommended to keep everything simple.

Get equipment that is age-appropriate. Gear that is too big or tricky for the children might result in injury. In addition, you should keep track of manufacturer’s instruction to a tee to guarantee that all gear is installed in a proper manner.

Do not forget basic playground items like slides and swings because they are classics that kids to this day love. Update the backyard layout too as your children grow to keep everything exciting and new.

Install safe surfaces

Make sure that you install safe surfaces beneath equipment, so it will take in the impact when something drastic happens. Children should never get injuries while playing.

Foam padding or rubber mulch is recommended, and the surface must reach 6 feet from each border of the playground or playhouse structure at the least.

Supplement the area with natural structures

Apart from climbing assemblies, swings and slides, children will also have fun playing with sand, climbing rocks and other sorts of natural structures. You can also opt for greener material like cedar to guarantee that the area will be higher in terms of quality.

Provide shelter

Playhouses will make good shelter for your kids during the dog days of summer or quick rainshowers. If you live in a location where rain is frequent, a playhouse set is a very good investment.

Tickle your kids’ imagination

Use your imagination while designing the layout of the play area to make it more fun for the kids. You can supplement the enjoyable ambiance by tying a hammock between trees or even add a mini-zip line.

Playhouses and playgrounds are great avenues for children to keep up with pretend play and the more fun those areas will be, the better they can hone their creativity.

Putting an enclosure around the area

If you are concerned about privacy, you can put a fence all over the boundaries of your property. It will keep visitors from getting into the yard and it will also deter meddling folks off of your children while they are playing. It will also guarantee that no stray animals will be able to get inside the play areas.

The nearby landscape

Children play hard and play areas are not actually ideal for planting your rows of prize petunias.

Those little feet will kick and trample and balls and other sorts of toys will find their way in around plants and the surrounding green, thus, it will be better if you locate your precious florae to safer parts of your property.


Children, especially younger ones, need supervision while playing on any kind of edifice or location. Parents should keep eyes on them, especially if they are new in backyard playgrounds. Make sure that there are areas that are safe for the younger kids and areas where older kids will be much comfortable with.

Inspect on a daily basis

Once the installation procedure of the playhouse or playground equipment is done and children have begun using it, it is only wise that parents should check the area carefully and exercise maintenance on it to guarantee its safety.

Gear can wear through time and continuous usage so inspect items like ropes, chains and playhouse support for signs of deterioration and damage. Doing this will also keep the playhouse and playground equipment in tip-top shape, making it last for years.

The Top 5 Playhouse Kits

Here is a short list of the 5 best playhouse kits available on the market. They range from roomy play tents to durable plastic playhouse types.

Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

Step2 has a neat playhouse for kids called the Neat and Tidy Cottage II. This is an authentic-looking house that will provide a space for your kids to enjoy themselves and at the same time, will make your backyard look fun as well. It has a nice exterior with a semblance to stone and wooden material.

Imaginations will be fired as kids learn how to entertain their friends, cook, and tend to the house. Its open design guarantees that the children will be noticeable during playtime and it is recommended for kids aged 1.5 years and above.

Truedays Kids Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Big Tent Playhouse

Play tents are not the most regular toys. Whenever we broach the subject of tents, we often think of camping and not playing. But, play tents are considered as one of the most creative and imaginative toys around and Truedays’ Kids Outdoor Big Tent Playhouse relays not only fun times for children, but educational values as well.

It is made from polyester material, comes in bold bright colors, has a Velcro front door closure and two tunnel ports with flaps that can be rolled down and is designed to be kid-resistant with its waterproof flooring and copyrighted shock cord PU-coated pole system.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage, Red

Looking for a good playhouse that features fun attributes, eye-catching colors and guaranteed stability? Then, Little Tikes Cape Cottage is something that you and your kids have to check out. It is a lightweight playhouse done in contemporary style that is ideal for toddlers.

It looks like a real house which will make pretend play all the more fun and includes two working doors and two windows with shutters. It features mail slots and even a flag holder for your little patriots and moving and relocating the house is effortless, yet it remains stable once assembled.

Expresso Café 7ft Play House Playtent

This distinctive play tent that is made to resemble a café is tall and roomy—it can take in up to 8 children. It includes a door with one roll-up window and a big mesh window for good air ventilation.

It can be used as an outdoor tent as well, as it comes with an awning in the front so kids can put a table under it and pretend that the whole place is an actual coffee shop. It has a sturdy polyester cover plus shock-corded poles for easier assembly.

Recommended for both indoor and outdoor play, it also includes a carrying case for portability and easier storage.

Playhut Jake and the Neverland Pirates – Bucky Play Structure

Playhut’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates offers plenty of unstoppable nautical fun for boys and girls aged 3-8. It can be assembled within seconds of the toy’s Twist N Fold technology.

The sail can also be used as a basketball hoop for kids who cannot part with their ball, plus it has two tunnel ports with doors that are roll-up flapped to make accessing and expanding the toy easier and faster. In addition, the tunnel ports also link to other Playhut structures, which is a great bonus if your kids want more equipment included in the fold.


Playhouses are structures that are small-scale, playable versions of real houses. These items are hugely popular among children and their friends. Playhouses are not only enjoyable, but they are beneficial in plenty of ways.

By using this toy, kids will shy away from a sedentary lifestyle and instead become more active, thus, developing their motor skills. Playhouses can also improve kids’ imaginations; they can make games, engaging themselves as fierce troopers, wily pirates, knights and princesses, and a lot more. A playhouse will also motivate them to become more responsible through pretend play.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of playhouses available on the market, divided into designs and materials, and buyers are required to take into account a number of important factors before making a decision.

They are available with extra features for children so kids will have more fun spending time inside their playhouses. These additional features include opening doors, slides, stairs, towers, and furniture. What should be added in the house will depend on children’s wishes, preferences and their parents’ budget limits.

You can buy these playhouses from brick and mortar stores and many can be bought online too. They are available in a variety of sizes and price rates.

Selecting a good playhouse for children needs a number of chief factors, however, the minute parents learn which best suits their budget and their children’s needs, they will surely find something that they can all agree on, whether the item was bought from their favorite toy sellers or purchased online.